New Hosting Directory

I started blogging in 2005 but before that I already own a website that I maintained. In fact I still have my website to this day but I am planning to shut it it down soon after I’ll finish transferring all the contents. The reason for doing so is I’m paying a lot of money for that and besides I’d rather maintain a blogs. I haven’t updated that site for a very long time since I enjoyed blogging. Blogging has becoming more and more interesting to me I tell you! It safe to say that I’m really enjoying it especially I met a lot of bloggers online. Anyway I started blogging when I first signed up at Blogspot and then WordPress. I used their free hosting but later on everybody I know started buying their own domain so I decided to buy one too. It’s unbelievable how this buying a domain can be addicted because I keep buying every now and then. Recently I found out that hubby have his own hosting packaged so I transferred all my domains. I just love the total control you know so I got me thinking why not buy my own hosting? I want some cheaper one though so I need to check the web hosting rating where can search the biggest web hosting directory. That way I can also find all the information I need for my new hosting business. I also need web hosting tutorials and definitely want some tips from people who are doing some hosting businesses. All I need is cheap web hosting and I’m all set to go. You might want to find out about this web hosting awards as well because it will help you see whose o the top and best hosting there is. I don’t about you but I also need some tips for choosing a domain and as I said before tips for cheap hosting.